Is There Any Issue That Demi Rose Mawby Has With Kylie Jenner?

The 22-year-old has amassed 5.2 million followers thanks to her jaw-dropping assets and is a firm Instagram favorite. Model Demi Rose Mawby, 22, has praised the LipKit mogul and revealed she is still in touch with Tyga. The buxom star said although there was a ‘little bit’ of a backlash from Kylie’s fans when she dated Tyga, she had nothing but praise for the reality star.

Demi Rose, The Curvaceous Brunette Beauty.


But you might remember, we were first introduced to know Demi when she was spotted on the arm of rapper Tyga – Kylie Jenner’s ex-boyfriend in May 2016.

Kylie and Tyga had a brief break in 2016, leaving the Rack City rapper a single man.


Tyga quickly hooked up with her curvy counterpart Demi, after they met at a party in Cannes.

Sadly, the fling was very short-lived and Tyga soon went crawling back to Kylizzle.


However, Demi was flung into the spotlight and soon everyone was tuning in for a glimpse of her famous curves.

Now, the model turned DJ has a few words to say about the beauty mogul following backlash from her fans.


“I respect her and never said anything bad about her,” Demi told reporters

Does Demi Rose Mawby have an issue with Kylie Jenner?


“There are no bad vibes, between us, I think.”

What is Kylie up to now?


The 20-year-old Kylie has since called time on her two-year romance with Tyga for good and is now dating another rapper Travis Scott.

‘Tyga’s ex’.!!


Demi added: “I’m still referred to as ‘Tyga’s ex’. Meanwhile, the 27-year-old has been seen with a revolving door of beautiful women and he still hits up Demi. I don’t let the negativity get to me, it never ever gets to me. I’m so happy and I get more love than I ever have online.’

Does she still talk to Tyga?


The star, who is promoting Optical Express, also revealed there is no bad blood between her and Tyga, saying: ‘I was quite known before I even met him. But I’m still referred to as Tyga’s ex… We still talk now and then, you know, just ‘how are you?’ and stuff.’