This one is my favorite. I am sure at this point of the series, Itachi was everyone’s MVP. These scene after their battle…

Itachi after giving Sasuke the last head flick

Itachi after giving Sasuke the last head flick and then resting on the ground life less. This cosplay portrays that so good, just see the faint smile on Itachi’s face with the blood gushing out from eyes because of the overuse of mangekyo sharingan… While this Sasuke stupid idiot killed his own lovely brother by sheer luck god damn you Sasuke.

Pretty boy Sasuke and bad-ass Itachi

I don’t even know if the Cosplayer is a guy or a girl… or the fact if they are the same person or not.. Well I think they are the same.. what about you guys?

Cosplay looks a bit…

Cosplay looks a bit cheap but it’s alright I guess. It can come under the list. Sasuke with a forehead protector might make the Cosplay a little better as it would fix the hairstyle but it might not match with it’s get up and hey SHOW us Itachi’s face!

I will always love you!

OMG this scene after fighting Kabuto and ending edo tensei… Damnnn I can never forget this.. Sasuke do whatever you want.. but big bro Itachi is with you. Damn they even added those little details of Itachi’s soul leaving as the body starts crumbling.. ( See those square shaped petal things?)

Classic flick by Itachi

Classic flick by Itachi. “Another time Sasuke.” Brings back memories of their bittersweet childhood.

What are these guys trying to do…

Why are you overshadowing Itachi, Sasuke? Show some respect to your elder brother dude..

What probably your squad looks like when they enter a party bringing life to it.

Little Sasuke knows that he is under Genjutsu. Poor Sasuke 🙁 You’re still not on par with Itachi.