Jack Maynard Asking A 14-Year-Old To ‘See Her B#@bs’

The famous British television show "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!" recently was in news for sacking one of its famous contestants, Jack Maynard. Although the reasons for taking Jack off the show weren't shocking enough, some more shocking secrets about Jack have been revealed. In a recent breaking news it was revealed that Jack asked a 14-year-old to strip off on Facebook. Read the article to know more.....

The incident happened long back!


The incident happened when Jack was supposedly 16 years old and the girl was 14 (now she is 20 years old). According to the girl, the pair Jack and the girl has a serious fight on Facebook, it started when Jack asked some really shocking questions.

What was this mistake!?


Back then some messages were sent from Jack’s Facebook account which was hacked, the pair Jack and the girl were having a normal conversation when suddenly things got worse. Jack asked her a disgusting question and she was shocked, find out what he asked on Next Page……