Javi and Briana relationship heats up to a new level. Read the article to know more.

It all started when Teen Mom 2 fans started shipping #Javiana


Though both the stars are took it as a joke, but Bri’s tweets lead us to believe she isn’t actually joking. Which brings us the question, does Briana DeJesus want to date Javi Marroquin as much as fans want her to?

When Javi joked with Bri.


Javi joked, “Your mom tried hooking me and Briana up but she’s pregnant now so that’s kinda out the window, So you let me know, you got my number!”. Check out the full conversation on next page

The 23-year-old tweeted to which Javi replied.


“LMAO Javi look what you did,” the 23-year-old tweeted to which he replied by saying,  “hair flip,” clearly in reference to the hair flip she gave him a few months back on the show.

But there is a problem.


The major problem is: Javi isn’t single! He previously told  “it’s not over” between him and Lauren but, “Everything being so public is hard for her.”

Fans are so excited for Bri and Javi.

One fan wrote, I’m so here  for this!!”, and another fan wrote,”Give it a shot girly!”

Javi recently tweeted.


Javi tweeted the following message, which suggested he is not messing around when it comes to his romance with Briana! “Yoooo @_BrianaDejesus thinks I’m playing y’all,” he wrote.

To which Briana retweeted.


Briana added four painful face emojis alongside Javi’s tweet. One viewer commented, “Just date already”.

Previous twitter conversation between them.


After Bri’s tweet even Javi joined in saying how the guys look good.