Did Javi Cheat On Briana While He Got Lauren Pregnant?? Find out…

After proving that No cast members on the show can secure their place, the much controversial reality show, Teen Mom of MTV has grabbed yet another controversy, this time leading to the unexpected pregnancy.  Read more to know the full story............

Fanbase shocked, unexpected pregnancies reported!

Unexpected pregnancies on the show Teen Mom have never failed to send a state of shock to the fan base. Even after being into the stable relationships, the cast members have indulged into unexpected pregnancies which have left the fanbase quite shocked!

Are Unexpected Pregnancies working out?

Not everytime did the Unexpected pregnancy disappointed the fanbase. There couldn’t be a better example than Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon who made their way out happily after they announced Pregnancy, so basically not every unexpected Pregnancy have left a negative impact on the fanbase.

Fans surprised after a Teen Dad announced a pregnancy!

This time it’s Teen Dad, who has announced the pregnancy news, Javi has just announced that he and his new girlfriend, Lauren Comeau, are expecting their first child together. Javi who was dating Briana Dejesus only a six months ago was earlier dating Lauren and then again Lauren after Briana and Javi got separated.

Did Javi get Lauren pregnant while he was still dating Briana?


Javi and Lauren began dating after they met at a wedding and then came into a relationship after fairly knowing each other. But, unfortunately, the relationship didn’t last very long. The couple split back in September 2017. After splitting, Lauren said, “I love Lauren, but unfortunately it didn’t work out,” further adding, he said, “I’m learning not everyone wants the attention. Dating someone on a TV show is tough. I think Lauren had a hard time adjusting to that and I had a hard time understanding that.”

Did Javi get over Lauren while he was Dating Briana?

With what the Lauren said about the Relation between him and Lauren, it concludes that Lauren didn’t get over Lauren while he was dating Briana, he said, “I never believed in love at first sight, but when I saw Lauren I definitely did,” he said. “I’m hoping Lauren and I can figure this out because she made me the happiest I’ve ever been.”

Old story of getting back together!

After dating and breaking up with Briana Dejesus, Lauren and Javi got back together, Javi said that “Sometimes, two people need to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together.”  Two months after the couple back together, Javi without any further delay confirmed that Lauren is pregnant.” He said,“Blessings on top of blessings,” Javi wrote on a picture of him cradling Lauren’s baby bump on his private Facebook page. Lauren wrote, “Sometimes life’s biggest blessings come in the smallest packages. Baby Marroquin coming soon!”

Breaking up has been a story of Javi!!!

Javi earlier dated Lauren in July- September 2017, after a month they broke up and he began dating Briana DeJesus. Rumors surfaced that Javi and Kailyn got close to each other, but there were no reports of dating surprisingly. He got back with Lauren in March lately, without crashing out again, JAVI confirmed the pregnancy of his present girlfriend LAUREN. It will be interesting to see how things go now.