There is a lot of drama going on between Javi and Kail, Javi is currently dating Briana DeJesus who is Kail’s co-star. Kail has many unresolved feelings for her ex-Javi and she has proved those feelings time and again. Kail is a mother of three now and is taking care of them on her own. But here we have a shocking news where Javi confesses his feelings for baby Lux. Read the article to know more….

Kail was very sure about breaking up with Javi!


Kail was the one who broke up with Javi, she had her own reason which people may like or hate. Kail didn’t want to have any more kids with Javi, this was the reason for their break up.

Kail started dating Chris and got pregnant!


Kail was dating Chris Lopez and got pregnant with his baby. Just a few months ago Kail gave birth to baby Lux. But now she is taking care of her three kids all alone.

Chris distanced himself from Kail after the baby was born!


Chris was never interested in starting a family with Kail, so he did not get much involved after Kail gave birth to Lux. Chris even refused to sign the paternity for the baby!

Kail is upset and in need of help!


Kail claims that longtime friend Chris Lopez also the baby daddy for Lux, hasn’t bothered to see his baby Lux even once for a month now! Kail said he had “no contact at all” with Lux for a month! Kail is in desperate need of help and there is someone who can help her, to find out who that guy is read on Next Page……

Javi has always helped Kail….


Even after Kail broke up with Javi, he has always been there whenever she needed help. Javi has always been kind to her, he has always helped her to raise their son Lincoln.

During the “Unseen Moments” special


During “Unseen Moments” specials, Kail saw a video clip where Javi was talking on the phone with a friend, he was talking about how he hated the fact that Kail had Lux with the guy who she was sleeping with. Later Javi confessed his love for baby Lux, find out on Next Page….

The couple planned to get back together at Marriage Boot Camp.


Javi and Kail are progressing well on the show Marriage Boot Camp, they are getting closer and closer to having a good co-parenting relationship. Javi’s confession just made things even easier…

Kail explains Javi’s confession for Lux!


Kail said, “Both of us have moments where we want to get back together, just last week, we were at a premiere for another show we did, and he’s crying saying he wants to raise Lux as his own!”