Javi Eager To Get Back With Kailyn

The sensational couple of Teen Mom show Javi and Kailyn has faced a lot through out the journey. Be it the Lie detector test or the PDA affair, their journey has been full of ups and downs. More ever when it comes to raising a child together things really get out of hand. Kail and Javi have shared a wonderful relationship, raised  a child together and even gone their separate ways.

Both went their own ways until..


Break ups are a hard time in everyone’s life be it the initial drama or the after effects. Feelings of a shared relationship are difficult to let go.

What is the new situation??



A new situation has however arisen between the couple and has now left us wondering what turn of events will next take place in the life of the ex-couple.Read more .

The adorable ex couple


The couple, Javi and Kail have fought a lot on their cheating accusations but however no details were given out by both. The fans were not sure what went on between the ex couple and they split before the  revelation of shocking lie detector test. However even after going their separate ways there is something that still holds them on and everyone will agree to it.

Javi with girlfriend Briana


While Kail has moved on with her girlfriend Dom, and Javi seems to be leading a happy  life with his girlfriend Briana DeJesus, does that really mean  things are over between them? or is there really that tiny flake of fire buried deep within? Find out more on next page…