Here we have another Teen  Mom story where it seems the Teem Mom star Javi is getting serious with his new girlfriend! Find out more about this story in the article.

Javi Marroquin is no longer a single man!

If you remember in an exclusive interview with, the Teen Mom 2 star revealed he has a new girlfriend, Lauren Comeau.

Javi previously dated The Real World: Skeletons star Madison Channing Walls.

But soon Javi broke up with after he found out she was a former heroin addict who was once arrested. But Javi is optimistic about his latest relationship!

Javi says…

“We met at one of our best friend’s weddings. She was the maid of honor,” Javi told Radar. “We decided we’d give it a try officially at the wedding this past weekend.”

On Tuesday!

On Tuesday, Javi shared a photo of him and Lauren on the wedding dance floor. He captioned it, “Sometimes I wish I can go back in life, not to change s**t just to feel a couple things twice.”

Fairly new relationship!

While Javi admitted that the relationship is “fairly new,” he said it “doesn’t feel that way.” “This one feels right,” he told Radar.

Javi confessed…

Javi confessed he has yet to introduce Lauren to his ex Kail and their son Lincoln, 3. “I don’t want to make the same mistakes with prior girls I met,” he said. “But soon.”

Javi’s ex Kail is expecting her third child…

The views know that, Javi’s ex Kail is expecting her third child, this time with baby daddy , at the end of the month. Javi and Kail recently put aside their differences to reunite with their sons for the Fourth of July.

His new girlfriend!

We hope the best for Javi and we hope that this relationship of his lasts for ever! We don’t it to end just like the others did!