Here is an amazing news from the sets of Teen Mom where Javi reveals details about his romance with TM2 co-star. Read the article to know more…

Who knew a simple joke would grow this serious…


Briana DeJesus and Javi Marroquin started it as a joke but the amazing chemistry between them lead us to believe that they aren’t actually joking.

The playful conversation between them…


Javi joked, “Your mom tried hooking me and Briana up but she’s pregnant now so that’s kinda out the window, So you let me know, you got my number!”. This was not the end of their romantic conversation……

The conversation went on regardless of what the fans said or thought…


The 23-year-old tweeted saying, “LMAO Javi look what you did,” to which he replied by saying,  “hair flip,” clearly in reference to the hair flip she gave him a few months back on the show.

Fans are too excited for them! Which makes us think are they really dating?


One excited fan said, “Give it a shot girly!” What about Javi’s current girlfriend if Javi is dating Teen Mom co-star Briana too? Let’s find out if Javi and Bri are actually dating…

Javi messaged Bri saying….


Javi said, “Yo Bri thinks i’m palying ya’ll”, to which Bri sent crying emoji. One viewer commented, “Just date already”.

The chemistry has grown too far..


From their above conversations, you can make out that Javi and Bri have a fun time flirting with each other. Read on the next page the details that Javi revealed of their romance…

Previous twitter conversation between them.


After Bri’s tweet, even Javi joined in saying how the guys look good.

Javi finally reveals the details in a tweet…


Javi tweeted saying, “I’m telling you bruh. Long distance is nice is you find the right one,” To which one of his followers asked, “Soooo… @_BrianaDejesus,”.