Here we have another amazing news where Teen Mom Briana and Javi take a vacation together. Read the article to know more…

A long rumored relationship.



It all started when Javi and Bri started talking on twitter. But Bri’s tweets lead us to believe she isn’t actually joking.

Briana wants to date Javi?


Both the stars took it as a joke, but does Briana DeJesus want to date Javi Marroquin as much as fans want her to? Read on the next page to know more about their heated relationship….

Fans are so excited for Bri and Javi.

One fan wrote, I’m so here for this!!”, and another fan wrote,”Give it a shot girly!”

Javi last tweeted.


Javi tweeted the above message, which suggested he is not messing around when it comes to his romance with Briana! Read on the next page to know more about their heated relationship….

They made fans believe they are into each other.


Briana added four painful face emojis alongside Javi’s tweet. One viewer commented, “Just date already”.

Things are heating up!


While tweeting each other Javi often reminded the fans how he and Briana looked good together! They even spent an amazing weekend together in New York City. To know more about their exciting vacation in New York read on next page….

Javi revealed…


Javi revealed that they’re reuniting again on another getaway. He revealed that they went out to dinner together in New York City on Saturday, September 16. Javi said, “It was actually a lot of fun, I did enjoy this weekend.”

Daddy Javi.


DeJesus even posted a photo of Marroquin holding her youngest daughter Stella captioned the sweet snap, “Daddy Javi.” Javi added, “We have some plans for next week with Disney and stuff, so we’ll see!”