Javi Says “NOT READY TO LET GO” Of Kail

This particular star couple in the show Javi and Kail have been through a lot, even after so many fights between them, the couple is always trying to fix their relationship. Even after dating other people and having kids they still aren’t done with each other yet. Kail and Javi recently signed up for Marriage Boot Camp, where Javi claimed “NOT READY TO LET GO” of Kail, read the article to know more….

The always thought of patching things up after their break up!


The star couple after even after breaking up they thought of coming to a common conclusion so that they could take care of their baby boy Lincoln. So the ex-couple finally decided to sign up for Marriage Boot Camp.

They thought they could deal with their differences!


Both Javi and Kail thought that the show Marriage Boot Camp could help them resolve their difference and come to a common ground where they can take care of Lincoln with their joint custody!

Things never went their way!


Before Marriage Boot Camp both Javi and Kail did try to patch things up, but things never went their way and they ended up dating other people. In fact, Kail even went on having Chris’s kid Lux Russel and Javi openly dated Briana DeJesus!

They are clearly not on the same page!


During their time in the show Marriage Boot Camp teen mom Kail realized that Javi might not have been on the same page, according to her she might have different intentions. You won’t believe what Javi said to Kail to prove her wrong, read on Next Page……

Kail recently went house hunting!


Javi had warned Kail, “I tell her all the time, ‘If you want to leave Delaware then be my guest,’ but you’re not taking Lincoln. I definitely won’t let it go easy if she does move.” Yet Kail is planning to move out of Delaware along with her kids Lincoln, Isaac and Lux. She has been seen in Los Angeles searching for condos. Without asking Javi she has been planning to move.

Javi reveals he still has feelings for Kail!


During an interview with the couple, Kail asked Javi “Have you seen how you bring personal issues into co-parenting?” Jave gave a very emotional answer, showing his true feelings for her, read on Next Page to know his answer……

Javi wants to try to make it work with Kailyn


Javi says, “I do, since I’m not ready to let go, I feel like that’s the only way I can keep you close to me. But it’s not working.”

Javi admits his feelings for her!


Javi says, “I see that it’s not working… I just need you to be patient with me.” But Kail fires backs saying, “How can I be patient with you when you’re threatening to take everything that I’ve worked for?”