Javi Takes One Step Further To Get Things Back With Kail Supports Her Letter Of Love

The Teen Mom show has witnessed numerous breakups and patches. Javi was first introduced on the Teen Mom show when he started dating Kail. Javi has so far been the most emotional guy on the show. He desired for a perfect family and yearned to settle down. Things did not work out as he expected both times with his ex-partners, Kail and Briana. After finally bidding goodbye to Briana it seems Javi is not able to control his feelings for Kail and is trying to patch things up. After the sweet tweets between Javi and Kail, Javi has taken a step further to get back with his ex yet again.

Javi and Kail’s breakup broke hearts of many fans..


Kail dumped Javi stating a really bad and awful lie about not wanting any more kids. However, she did not stand true to her words as she later she got pregnant with her third baby whose baby daddy was Chris Lopez!

Javi then went on dating Briana which made Kail jealous



Though Kail was done with Javi, she wanted Javi out of her life. But Kail never imagined that Briana and Javi would ever start dating, “I don’t really know much about it but I wish them the best. That’s all I’ll say on that!” said Kail about Javi and Briana.

Javi had a very bad experience with Kail on his first visit to her podcast!


Kail and Briana were constantly going at each other when Briana was dating Javi. Kail raged on Javi during her podcast saying, “Telling the mother of your child to ‘suck her d**k’ and that I’m a ‘dumb b***h’ doesn’t portray her as a good person. We will never get along. You allowed her to disrespect me to my face, also on camera, also and in text messages.”

But something says that their relationship is not over yet…


With the recent fights between Javi and Kail, it was pretty obvious that they wouldn’t want to never see each other’s face ever again. But we were wrong, we recently found out that both Javi and Kail are working on their relationship, read on Next Page to know more…