Alexis Bortell suffering from epilepsy that doctors prescribed cerebrum surgery to treat her seizures. But, Bortell moved with her family from Texas to Colorado, where medical marijuana was lawful. Presently, Bortell takes a drop of fluid THC in the morning and another around evening time. She’s been without the seizure for more than two years. While this is surely a win for Bortell’s wellbeing, the 12-year-old can’t come back to Texas and remain on the only medicine that has effectively treated her seizures. So let’s see what she did for it.

Alexis Bortell


Alexis Bortell, 12, who is suffering from epilepsy, documented the claim in the Southern District of New York against US Attorney General Jeff Sessions in July.

Alexis filed a lawsuit


Alexis Bortell registered the lawsuit in the Southern District of New York against Sessions, the Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Agency in July.

Her supporting pillars…


Different offended parties on the lawsuit involve Bortell’s dad, Dean, and former NFL player Marvin Washington, as indicated by sources.

Lawsuit contains…


The lawsuit looks to make medicinal marijuana lawful in the US. There are currently 29 states and in addition Washington, DC, that has authorized medical marijuana. Click on the next page to continue.

They are unable to access Medical Marijuana


‘This lawsuit stands to benefit countless Americans who require, yet can’t securely get, Cannabis for the treatment of their illnesses, diseases and medical conditions,’ according to the suit.

Cannabis is the solution.


Alexis has suffered epilepsy since she was seven years of age. Her epilepsy can’t be securely controlled with FDA-approved medications and procedures. But when her family attempted a type of cannabis, Alexis discovered ‘quick help from her seizures’. Click on the next page to continue reading.

They moved to Colorado from Texas


Alexis, who might often have numerous seizures daily, and her family moved from Texas to Colorado to use the state’s legalized marijuana. ‘Since being on whole plant medicinal Cannabis, Alexis has gone over two years without the seizure,’ the suit claims.

The lawsuit additionally says that Alexis won’t able to come back to Texas, as per sources.


Alexis would like to go to college in the Lone Star State, yet in the event that she keeps on utilizing marijuana to control her epilepsy, at that point she could be arrested.