Jeffree Star Slams Kylie Jenner After She Removed Him From Makeup PR List

After the pregnancy, Kylie was planning to launch her new beauty product as soon as possible. Kylie has been working on this since her pregnancy days and has successfully launched her product recently which is debuted on her website. There are so many makeup review artists who review these products and can affect their popularity. One of them was Jeffree, how was recently kicked out for bad reviews.

No More Free Products To Jeffree


Jeffree Star has given some really harsh reviews about Kylie’s makeup products recently. He has been removed from the makeup PR list that means he won’t receive any free products.

News On Twitter



After he was removed from the PR list from the makeup products of Kylie Jenner. He took it to Twitter to reveal the news on Feb 28 along with some tweets that how he’s not worried about the reviews.

His Tweets


Jeffree said that he is totally truthful to the products which he receives. After the reviews, he’s been removed from the PR list and can confirm it.

Doesn’t Care About Free Products


Jeffree said he doesn’t care about free products, whatever his viewers want he goes and buy them to review it later. Click next.