Jenelle is among the widely respected moms in the show, Jenelle has shown great courage and improvement in her life and character compared to what she was before. Jenelle recently got married to the love of her life David, in the most amazing, dream come true ceremony ever! Jenelle now finally reveals the truth behind her pregnancy baby bump and the fans are shocked, read the article to know more…

Jenelle’s dream wedding!

The couple tied the knot at their home in North Carolina a month ago. Jenelle and David already have too many kids to take care of, are they planning for one more?

Jenelle is one of the best moms on the show…


The beautiful mom has an amazing chemistry with her (now) husband David, also she is an amazing mother. Jenelle and David already have a house full of kids, David Eason and Jenelle welcomed Ensley just last January, is she going to be a big sister already?

Jenelle’s first signs of pregnancy!


The first speculations about teen mom star Jenelle being pregnant first came into notice when Jenelle posted a picture of herself in a bikini in September 2017. After seeing the picture the fans were shocked and started speculating!

The second reason responsible for the pregnancy rumours!

One user wrote, “Is Jenelle pregnant or is that the wind?” to which another replied, “I’m not saying she’s pregnant but if it were the wind, wouldn’t some of her hair be blowing in the wind?” Is Jenelle really pregnant? She finally reveals the truth and the fans are excited, find out on Next Page…

Another reason that supports these rumours!


One of the 16 and Pregnant star, Ashley Salazar, tagged Jenelle in a Facebook post about twins which sparked the rumours that Jenelle might be pregnant? With twins?

Jenelle was also seen holding the baby bump!


In the uploaded video on Instagram, you can see Jenelle holding her belly for a second and looking very happy. This was a clear sign that some good news can be expected soon! You will be shocked to know the truth, find out on Next Page…

The real reason behind the baby bump!


Jenelle explains, “I’m home a lot lately, mainly because of my stomach issues, stayed in on New Year’s Eve, couldn’t even wrap my Christmas presents. I’ve been recovering from hernia repair surgery. I hope my health is better now and I don’t look bloated anymore.”

Jenelle apologizes for the false speculations!


Jenelle said, “Sorry if you guys assumed I’ve been pregnant anytime recently, but I’m not pregnant, just been bloated for the wrong reasons.”