Here we have an amazing news where Teen Mom Jenelle shows off some incredible new additions to her new home! Read the article to know more.

It was just a land when it all started.


On Teen Mom 2, we’ve gotten a tour of Jenelle Evans and David Eason’s new plot of land, where they planned to build their dream home.

Their dream house started to grow.

Their home is finally started to come together, and soon they had a good news….

Great timing


In the midst of teen mom Jenelle and David’s dream house completion baby Ensley was just born and their happiness was boundless!

The couple waited eagerly for the house to be completed.


The kitchen is legit gigantic, a huge closet, a huge shower for the big happy family, truly a luxurious way to live.

Jenelle soon to be bride.


The soon-to-be bride is getting it ready for her big wedding day, Jenelle and her third baby daddy are planning to wed on September 23rd.

We can’t wait to see more pics!


Jenelle and David have finally moved in their new dream house and they love it! Exclusive new pics of Jenelle’s house on next page.

Pool party!

The happy teen mom Jenelle showed off her incredible new pool on Snapchat.

The amazing new addition to the new home.

Looks like there might be a pool party as Jenelle and David are planning to have their wedding at home!