After her amazing wedding Teen Mom Jenelle speaks out about David. See what she has to say in the article below….

Jenelle was hard at work ensuring her special day had everything she wanted…


Jenelle had the most romantic ceremony ever! Everything she worked hard for finally paid off….

Finally tied the knot

The couple tied the knot at their home in North Carolina on Saturday, September 23. Though Jenelle had a great, something kept bothering her, see on next page what she has to say…

Fans were beyond hyped up to get every detail about Jenelle’s wedding.


The couple has been sharing more and more pictures of the ceremony with their fans, and she looks as stunning as ever.

Many of her fans were blown away seeing these sexy pictures.


Jenelle had some really stunning pictures of her wedding. Though Jenelle had a great, something kept bothering her, see on next page what she has to say…

Fans just love her more than ever.


One fan said, “She is so beautiful! I’m so glad to see her happy and thriving in life!”, other wrote, “Jenelle has been my favorite teen mom since day 1! I love how things are coming together for her and you!!! ”

Jenelle long ago decided to quit the show, but never did!


Jenelle says, “David told me not to worry about it and that this is why he never wanted to be on this show to begin with, I try not to go around the kids when I’m upset, I don’t want them to ever see me cry or being upset.” See on next page what she has to say about David….

Jenelle said….


She said, “I blocked their numbers, they can email me if they want. Like I said, I’ll focus on my family from now on.”

Jenelle talks about David!


She says, “If people think for two seconds I’m going to be in another abusive relationship they’ve got that wrong! I’ve been in that position way too many times and wouldn’t have married the man if I thought for a minute he would lay his hands on me.”