Jenelle’s Demands Pays Off Even After Her Refusal To Film For The Reunion!

'Teen Mom' shows, much known for the endless controversies including fierce cat Fights. Previous episodes have been all about the fights and the clans created against each other due to the rivalry. In the earlier episodes, where noted the antics of Jenelle for not going to the Reunion and also refusing to shoot had troubled the MTV crew, it was even noted whether Evans would quit, but even after her all drama, MTV is Filming her, Find out Why........ 

Evans refused to shoot for Teen Mom 2 reunion show!

Jenelle Evans who was earlier reported of not shooting for the Teen Mom-2 Reunion show due to the fired husband David Eason has now finally agreed to get filmed. Question is what made her join the shoot again? Has her antics finally paying off? Find out further………

MTV denied her request to have David Eason accompany her!

When she made a demand to MTV to let David Eason accompany her to NYC, It was learned from an Insider source, they denied her request. However, even after being denied, it has surprised the fans base of Teen Mom, what made her agree to shoot?????

She will finally shoot putting aside her drama!

June 3, 2018, Jenelle fans can cheer up! They might see her on the sets of Teen Mom-2. Dr. Drew Pinsky is all set to shoot with Evans.“MTV arranged for Jenelle to film with just Dr. Drew in North Carolina after she threw a temper tantrum and refused to face the other girls without David,” said an insider source of MTV.


David was fired from the show. Why?

David was fired from the show after the Twitter Rant. It was reported that the Teen Dad even approached the MTV network, he issued an apology for the return of him on the show but failed to convince the network. The tweets reflected his views on oppose to LGBT, MTV later clarified that they do not anyhow support views of David and hence are firing him from the show.

With David not being around, Will she shoot, or do drama again??

It was revealed from an insider source of MTV, Jenelle will have to shoot without David being around. “She is scheduled to film on Sunday, but David can’t be anywhere near filming. So either he has to leave the house or Jenelle will have to go somewhere else to film.” said an insider source of MTV.

Evans Busted!

Evans who was caught doing drama and showing her antics after firing of her husband David Eason from the show has committed a serious offense this time when she allegedly pulled a Gun on another driver during a road rage accident, while her son Jace was in the car.

Even after the incident, She wasn’t fired though!

After the incident of Road Rage accident, when she allegedly pulled a Gun on another driver, She was on the verge of being fired when the show. President of Viacom was alerted about the incident yet she wasn’t fired, but her future on the show remains in doubt.