Jennifer Aniston Just Faced The Most Unexpected Betrayal!

Things aren't turning Jennifer's way lately. After the massive split which shattered the actress on a major scale she was spotted with her near ones. She also spent a lot of time with her best friend Courtney. It was recently revealed that Jen has moved on and is looking for younger guys to date, it seems there is also something going behind her back. Jennifer and Justin have split up and it seems one of Jennifer's best friend is betraying her by spending time with ex Justin without letting Jennifer know. Read more to find out who is this friend...

Jennifer’s best friend Chris McMillan was caught going out with Justin after their break up!


A source said, “Chris is very loyal to Jennifer, but he’s also loyal to his clients and he worked with Justin for years, he doesn’t feel he can just drop him right now. He’s kind of stuck in the middle and tries not to talk to Justin about Jennifer, he doesn’t want to make things more awkward than they already are.”

Jennifer must be really upset, Chris even shared Justin’s picture on his Instagram.


The source said, “Jennifer doesn’t want to tell him who he can and can’t work with, but he’s seeing plenty of Justin now he’s spending most of his time in New York. It’s a real kick in the teeth for Jen, who’s always been pretty territorial with Chris and sees him as a trusted member of her social circle.”


Chris even met Justin in Paris and Jennifer is heartbroken!


The source further revealed, “Chris was with Michelle at the Hotel Le Bristol, she is also a face of Louis Vuitton, while Justin was at the Ritz with a friend, but they did come in contact during the stay, it was inevitable. He is still friendly with Justin and happy to work with him again, he just wants to keep things professional having been a part of a number of his campaigns.”