Jennifer Aniston Is Looking For Younger Guys To Date And Everyone Is Puzzled

Jennifer Aniston after breaking up with Justin Theroux has taken months to recover from the shocking split. This split left both of them devastated after two years of marriage. It was earlier noted that the diva was affected a lot by their split but it’s about time that she moved on and is getting back with her life. It seems Jennifer is all prepped to date again and this time with a much younger sweetheart. Read more to find out what she is up to…

The Shocking Split


It seems like it was just yesterday that the happily married couple decided to part their ways with each other. After almost two years they decided to end it mutually.

They Avoided The Rumors



They announced their split on Feb 15 and wanted to avoid any media rumors. They released a joint statement of their split and it was really shocking for their fans.

Jennifer Enjoying Her Single Life


After breaking up with Justin she started to love her single life. She adored things which she could do without reporting it to anyone. She used this time to think about her own life.

Is She Ready To Date Again?


Aniston was off the grid for some time after the breakup and was seen recently promoting two movies in 2018. It seemed like she has moved on from Justin and maybe she’s ready to date again but a younger guy.  Click next to know what her recent plans are when it comes to dating the youth.