Jennifer Makes Shocking Move And Ronnie Is Scared!

The Jersey Shore stars sure have a lot of secrets burried deep and these are mostly revealed at times on the show. Every star has a past and difficult relationships with exes and this is what makes the show more interesting. While most of them are on good terms with their ex girlfriends it seems Ronnie is not the one to fit in. It seems Ronnie has something more to hide as he panics after his girlfriend makes a visit to the house before split. Read it once I have clearly no clue what this is all about...

Ronnie recently apologized for his mistakes…


Ronnie confessed, “I want to apologize for earlier to my fans, and especially @tater_tot_kitty (that’s Harley) I acted on my gut and not rationally. I should’ve never acted in such a manor (sic). My deepest apologies.”

Ronnie was scared about his relationship.


Ronnie explained, “It’s going to be hard to fix the damage that I’ve caused, I’m not happy right now. I’ve got to deal with this s—, this regret. It’s more of a disappointment in myself. … I feel guilt. I disrespected Jen, and it doesn’t feel good because I’ve done it before with Sam and I keep saying I’ve grown up, but have I really?”


Jen is on her way to the sets of Jersey Shore to confront Ronnie on camera!


Ronnie explained, “I’m excited. This is something that I needed, and it brings tears to my eyes because it makes me so happy. Talking to Jen right now and knowing that I broke that wall, I can let go of the guilt and just enjoy myself. Jen’s arriving today, and I’m excited to see her, but I’m nervous for her to meet the roommates because I just don’t want them telling Jen about that girl.”