Jerry Jones represents the fans who hate the direction of the NFL under Goodell’s leadership, but the owners have a different say. The owners are happy with the commissioner, they just want him to make less money. It is said that Jerry Jones is trying to stop Roger Goodell’s contract extension, is he really? If he is, will he be able to do it now? Read the article to find out the answer!

Jerry Jones!


As we know Jerry Jones is a businessman and the owner, president, and general manager of the National Football League’s Dallas Cowboys since 1989.

Jones is not a member of the NFL’s compensation committee


Unfortunately for Jerry he is not the member of the NFL’s compensation committee, which is responsible for extending Goodell’s deal.

The contract extension feud!


One owner Jerry is standing his ground against the contract, Roger Goodell has been waiting for a contract extension from NFL owners that will keep him as the league’s commissioner.

Jerry managed to slow the deal!


Jerry managed to inject himself into a process and slowed down the contract for Goodell. A source said, “If not for Jerry, this deal would be done.” But will Jerry be able to derail Roger’s extension now? Find out on next page….

Jerry Jones currently hopes to derail the contract extension!


The situation is not very clear if Roger Goodell will get the contract extension or not, but one thing is for sure, if Jerry Jones wanted to block the extension, it would have been much easier for him to do it in May. Why would it had been easy in may?

The reason is….


A source confirmed, in a voting conducted the owners voted 32-0 to authorize the Compensation Committee to enter into a new contract with Goodell. But if Jones wanted to oppose the vote in May, he would have needed only eight other owners to agree with him in order to block it. That’s not the only problem, there is one more reason, read on next page….

The problem for Jerry has become 3 times that in may!


After 5 months, now the Compensation Committee has received the authorization to do the deal, this means that Jerry Jones would need 24 owners to block a new contract, which is almost impossible to get!

It remains likely a deal will be done.


No matter how many obstructions turn up for Goodell, a deal is likely to be made. But since the ongoing delay along with the unresolved issues in the committee that seem to be getting worse, this could make things very interesting unless the extension is quickly dealt with!