Jerry Lewis Takes A Heavenly Departure At Age 91

An actor, comedian, singer, film producer, film director, screenwriter takes a heavenly ride forever by leaving the world behind.

This is about the one person that the American Film industry has ever bought its best of best ‘humor-clumsiness’ for which the people had named him to be the laughter slapstick guy. His famous “Martin & Lewis” a duet performance by singer Dean Martin & Jerry himself who met in met in 1945 and debuted at Atlantic City’s 500 Club on July 25, 1946; the team lasted ten years even today.

The start of a Marvelous Career in “Humor”


It is said that to make someone laugh is the most difficult job in the whole world. But for some like Jerry Lewis & his colleague Dean Martin it was the best ‘kick-off’ for their life’s career.

A time spend with the ‘QUEEN’ of 1950’s



This was a time that was been spend by the 2 comedians with the Queen of Hearts. Jerry Lewis & Dean Martin during the Radio Show of 24th Feb’ 1953 with Marilyn Monroe in the show.