Jersey Shore’s Baby Mama Arrested For Physically Abusing Ex!

The Jersey Shore has just begun and the drama has already rooted deep. While the current season has started with a lot of twists and turns it is also displaying its other side. Initially, a star was caught cheating on his girlfriend and it came as a shock for everyone. The show has many such disheartening moments in store and it has just started to unveil them. Recently a star was arrested for physically abusing her ex. Read more to find out which of your favorite stars did it...

Jen was reportedly arrested for beating up her ex-husband!


An exclusive report obtained by our source reveals that Jen was arrested back in 2013, she had beaten up her former partner Joshua Rogers. It started when Jen came back home and saw her partner with her roommate, she “was upset that he was drinking with her roommate.”

Jen started throwing fists everywhere…


Jen got super mad at her partner Joshua and started throwing fists on his face “swinging erratically.” Jen even went on to pick up a baseball bat, the report revealed,  “Rogers had dried blood on his bottom lip along with blood on his bottom teeth.”


Ronnie better be careful before cheating on her…


Joshua scared seeing a bat in Jen’s hands immediately put her in a headlock, so to get out of the headlock Jen bit his hand. Jen even destroyed a few shelves with the bat.