Jersey Shore’s Ronnie Caught Cheating On His Pregnant Girlfriend!

Reality shows are full of scandals and Jersey Shore is one such example. The show is full of controversies and we never know when a star can commit a sin. While flirting and cheating is common on the show it does create a lot of disturbances between the partners. Recently Ronnie was caught cheating on his pregnant girlfriend and it has created a lot of drama. Read more to find out what happened...

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro


Ronnie Ortiz-Magro is a well known American TV personality and actor, he is also one of the famous eight cast members of the Jersey Shore.

Ronnie has a girlfriend named Jen Harley.


The Jersey Shore star cast Ronnie just last year in December 2017, revealed that his longtime girlfriend Jen Harley was six months pregnant. Now Jen is almost nine months pregnant and can be expecting the baby any time soon!


What could have Ronnie done to upset his 9 months pregnant girlfriend??


Ronnie also revealed a few details about the baby, that he is having a girl and the mother of the baby Jen lives in Las Vegas. Find out what Ronnie did on Next page…