Jersey Shore’s Ronnie Caught Cheating On His Pregnant Girlfriend!

Reality shows are full of scandals and Jersey Shore is one such example. The show is full of controversies and we never know when a star can commit a sin. While flirting and cheating is common on the show it does create a lot of disturbances between the partners. Recently Ronnie was caught cheating on his pregnant girlfriend and it has created a lot of drama. Read more to find out what happened...

Ronnie got himself into a “situation.”


On Thursday’s episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, Ronnie was caught coming back home from clubbing and with him, he got another girl while his pregnant wife Jen was in Las Vegas! When one of the cast members Jenni “JWoww” Farley got her friends at home, she introduced her friends to all the cast members and especially to Pauly D as he was the only single guy in the house.

When did it all start?


But for everyone’s surprise, Ronnie started heavily flirting with one of them. Snookie immediately said, “Ron might cheat tonight,” Jennie asked, “What the f— is going on? I bring these girls for Pauly, but Ron is actually grinding on one. That is not what I wanted. This is an actual situation.”


The cast members clearly understood he was cheating!


Vinny explained, “Ronnie is full tilt right now — he’s a wrecking ball, if he gets any closer to this girl, he’s about to have a second baby mama.” Pauly then explained, “There’s something in the water here in Florida that makes Ronnie’s decision-making go south, this is a recipe for disaster.”