Jill Duggar Was Seen Wearing Pants For The First Time

Out of all the Duggar girls, Jill Duggar may be the most conservative and reserved. Not only is Duggar married to Derick Dillard, who is regularly under the flame for tweeting transphobic remarks, yet she follows to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's strict lessons about being a "woman." Given that one of those dubious lessons is that ladies should just wear dresses, individuals were shocked to discover that Jill Duggar recently wore pants in broad daylight out of the blue. Get to read the whole story here.

Parameters Of Their Family Dress Code


The Duggar ladies are inside the parameters of the family clothing regulation if they keep the zone from their neck to their knees secured, so as not to move any of those impure thoughts in the men in their lives.

Female Subservience


The floor-length skirt has long served as an image of female obeying and sense of duty and commitment to some traditional gender Duggar sisters. Jill Duggar went against the family or they have just changed the rules? Click next to see.