Jill Duggar Was Seen Wearing Pants For The First Time

Out of all the Duggar girls, Jill Duggar may be the most conservative and reserved. Not only is Duggar married to Derick Dillard, who is regularly under the flame for tweeting transphobic remarks, yet she follows to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's strict lessons about being a "woman." Given that one of those dubious lessons is that ladies should just wear dresses, individuals were shocked to discover that Jill Duggar recently wore pants in broad daylight out of the blue. Get to read the whole story here.

It All Started In March


Jinger wearing shorts, pants, or more the-knee skirts are something beyond a design explanation – it’s an act of rebellion. Jim Bob has been butting heads with his sons-in-law over their more dynamic perspectives, and he’s probably going to take Jill’s choice to wear pants as another sign that he’s battling a losing fight.

Worst Fears Coming True


Since a long time, it looked like Jinger would be the only one in liberating her legs from their floor-length denim skirts, yet now, Jim Bob and Michelle’s most terrible fear appear to work out as expected, Yes, Jinger’s oldest sister Jill Duggar is wearing jeans, as well.