She Was Just 15 And Her Nose Started To Grow Uncontrollably, And This Is What She Looks Like Today

Fro children who are in their adolescence it is a very difficult and sensitive age for them to grow up. But this girl had a different life, she was just 15 years old and her nose started to grow uncontrollably and this is what she looks like today.

Since her nose growth started, it never stopped to grow even for a day.


“From that point on, my nose continued to swell up,” she said on an interview. It grew for more than 30 years until she finally got the help.

Pamela at the age of 46.


It was then discovered that she was suffering from an advanced form of rosacea called rhinophyma. though the cause of this is unknown, if it happens it starts developing between the age of 25 and 50. “The doctor would prescribe me different types of medicine, but nothing worked,” she explained.