Just Like A Horror Movie A Shocking Incident Where A Mom Kept Son’s Body For 8 Years

Whenever you lose a loved one close to you, a human generally tends to be very depressed and emotional about the person he/she just lost. But some people take these emotions to a whole new level, in a recent discovered incident where a mother kept his son’s body for 8 years! Read the article to know more…

In Midwood, Brooklyn, a old woman lived there for a long time.


The old woman who lived there had a car, tan Ford Explorer parked in her drive way for many years without being driven. A normal person would imagine why, as the old woman might not be able to drive! But the reason was something else…

The woman had a son.


It was discovered that the old woman had a son, her son was a taxi driver. The relatives of the old woman say, last time anyone remembers seeing him was in 2008 after a car accident.

Some more reports say…


The old woman’s relatives also said that they had not heard or seen the man in 20 years. The neighbors of the old woman said, “She always walking down the street with a grocery bag. She would walk looking down. Something about her always seemed a little weird,”.

The old woman was suddenly hospitalized due to an injury.


As the old woman was injured she was soon hospitalized, one of her relatives offered to help her by picking up some belongings from her home which she needed in the hospital.

When the relative entered the home she was shocked!


The relative when she entered the house she was shocked to see the state of the house, but that was not the most shocking thing she saw, she was yet to discover something really horrible.

What she discovered was a body!


The relative was so shocked that she immediately called 911 to alert authorities she had found a man’s skeletal remains. Whose body was it? Let’s find out…

When the police arrived…


The police when arrived at the scene and reported that the remains belong to the woman’s son, also they believe she kept the body for at least eight years! After examination it was discovered that the body was decomposed and it had no signs of trauma.

It was also surprising to know…


A shocking fact was later discovered that the man’s 51st birthday was on the same week his body was found. The Medical Examiner has not released a cause of death yet.