Justin Bieber & Bella Thorne Hang Out Amid His Break From Selena

Can disagreements lead to a breakup? Yes! Justin and Selena faced so many situations in which they couldn’t agree with each other which changed their dating status to “on a break”. Even after spending so much time with each other they needed a break. Justin, on the other hand, is not happy without Selena and wants her back. He took every step to make it work this time but time doesn’t wait for any. Justin was recently seen with Bella Thorne, for what reasons? Read below to know more.

What Are Selena And Justin Up To?


Though the two are on a break after disagreements regarding Justin’s birthday party, they are seen at the church together so many times. Selena’s mysterious smile to Justin had something to do with their relationship, it’s still unclear what was it.

A Low Key Relationship?



There are sources which tell us that Justin and Selena have started hanging out together once again. They are keeping a low key relationship for now. The source said, “They’ve gone back to their low-key, secretive ways of meeting up. The attention became too straining on their relationship.”

Too Much Attention


After their love for each other rekindled, people could see them together and had so much to talk about. It attention became too much strain on their relationship.

Bella At A Guy’s Night Out Seemed Shocking


Justin recently had a guy’s night out to celebrate his friend Patrick’s new movie. He totally enjoyed being with friends and the sadness of the breakup was not seen on his face. Click next to know what exactly Justin do with his friends on the night out.