Justin Bieber In Trouble!! Did He Get Arrested??

Justin Bieber a Canadian singer, who have had faced a number of controversies including a legal trouble will now have to reappear in the court in reference to a fistfight after an NBA final match in 2016. The man with whom Justin fought has pulled a case against him two years after the incident. Read more to know the twist in this case......

Is it the first time he is facing a legal trouble?


Back in 2016, when Justin Bieber faced a similar legal trouble in reference to an altercation of him with a Photographer who later on filed a case against him and his Body Guards. One of his body guards was involved in beating the Photographer. It was also reported that Photographer took a photo of the singer without any permission.

Another legal trouble for Bieber!


Fistfight led Tobias to go to the Hospital!



Justin and Tobias and got into a fistfight after the verbal abusing they threw on each other. It was also observed from the footage that entire crew of the singer got involved in the fight and which made the situation even more worse. The man was rushed to a nearby hospital due to the injuries he suffered from the fight.

Did Bieber remove plaintiff’s sunglasses without permission?


It was reported that Justin had removed plaintiff’s sunglasses without any permssion after which Cannon started taking pictures of the singer which annoyed him and later on started throwing punches. As the case is getting too much of twist with both sides proving each other guilty, further court proceedings will take little longer than expected.

Is Cannon demanding Jury to award him damages?


It was reported that Cannon who claimed to have suffered multiple injuries due to the punches were thrown by Bieber is now asking for a jury to award him damages in an unspecified amount. Not sure where the case will take its course but, it’s clear Justin might have to face a tough time in order to prove himself innocent.