Justin Bieber All Shattered After He Went On Break With Selena

All things seemed normal between the singers before they declared to go on a break. The reason behind which was revealed recently and JB seemed all fine and supportive towards her decision. Although they did announce they will get back together soon it seems Justin is not really fine with it. The star stated that he was fine with Sel’s decision however recent pictures prove that he is rather shattered and worried that Selena is not with him. He even celebrated his birthday without her. See pictures of Justin getting emotional and crying amidst break.

Finally A Clarity On The Break


The real reason behind the couple taking a break was still unclear. Now finally we know why they decided to take a break and had some arguments.




Previously it was told that they are facing some little disagreements on things. These gradually resulted in taking a break and some time apart.

Topic Of The Argument


It seems that the main topic of argument and disagreement was Justin’s birthday. There were things which Selena wanted her way and Justin was not convinced by that.

Their Talk About The Birthday


It was all about how should they celebrate Justin’s birthday. Selena wanted to have a quiet birthday celebration, on the other hand, Justin wanted to have a grand party by inviting his all Church friends. Click next to know the real reason of fight between the couple.