Kail gave birth to her third son Lux Russel a few months back, Kail is now a mother of three boys Isaac from ex-Jo Rivera, Lincoln from ex-Javi and Lux from ex-boyfriend Chris! While Jo and Javi are still supporting Kail in many ways to raise her kids, Chris, on the other hand, hasn’t even bothered to help, Kail claims some shocking facts about Chris. Read the article to know more….

Their relationship seemed just like a fling


Their relationship seemed just like a fling as Chris was never interested in teen mom, though he was there with her after her pregnancy in the hospital.

Chris tried to do his part as a dad!


Chris helped Kail to get out of the hospital with their baby and dropped him home. He also later tried to meet his son many times in the past but Kail did not like the way he did that.

Chris is drifting away from Lux every day.


Kail recently complained that Chris just randomly comes to see his son, with no notice at all, and he does it at all the time, or, he will call her and arrange a time, and then not show up unnoticed.

When Chris refused to acknowledge paternity


Kail feared that he will just disappear from Lux’s life, Kail opens up about how she has been taking care of her kids alone. Kail also claims some really shocking facts about Chris, read on Next Page to know what she has to say…..

Lowry also accused Lopez of cheating on her


Chris cheating on her made her situation even worse, “It’s something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, I stayed, so it’s my fault.” Clearly, Kail is very upset with Chris being absent in Lux’s life.

Kail reveals some shocking facts about Chris….


Kail accepts her struggle, “I accept it for what it is, I cant change it so I’m not going to dwell on it.” Now she reveals some shocking facts about Chris on the Next Page….

Kailyn Lowry revealed a shocking surprise


During the Teen Mom 2 reunion, Kail revealed some really shocking facts about baby daddy Chris that has shocked the fans. Kail is really upset with Chris now!

The shocking claims by Kail!


Kail claims that longtime friend Chris Lopez also the baby daddy for Lux, hasn’t bothered to see his baby Lux even once for a month now! Kail said he had “no contact at all” with Lux for a month! “It’s kind of a hard pill to swallow,” says Kail.