Kail finally chooses her baby’s name, read the article to know the baby’s name.

Kail and her ex-boyfriend, Chris Lopez, welcomed a son together


Kailyn Lowry welcomed her third son over a month ago but still, she hasn’t revealed the name of the child.

Left hospital without name


Kailyn Lowry‘s newborn son with ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez left the hospital without a name, but has she finally picked a moniker for her baby boy? Continue reading on next page.

Picking the perfect name for her son.


Earlier Lowry said, “We don’t have a baby name at all and we don’t have any ideas either”. Kail said, “Linc is still adamant about naming Baby Lo ‘climber.’”

Previously she tweeted the options of her baby’s names.

She tweeted out a list of four boy names! The list included Griffin, Nixon, Ripken, and Silas. It seems Silas is inspired from Justin Timberlake’s and Jessica Biel’s  son.

Kailyn Lowry welcomed her third son over a month ago


Kail still hasn’t revealed the name of the child, there have been rumors suggesting that Lowry has named her child but is waiting to confirm.

A photo surfaced on Twitter in which the child’s name was seemingly confirmed.


Lowry got word of the image, when she checked the photo she revealed that it had been photoshopped to her many fans and followers.

On September 6, a Twitter user posted an image of a canvas photograph


A fan posted photograph made of “Baby Lo” with the caption, “Allen Jacob Lowry,”, when Lowry took to her own twitter account to confirm that the alleged baby name reveal was nothing more than a photoshop hoax.

She declared her baby’s name.


Lowry explained that she continues to refer to her newborn as “Baby No Name” and “Baby Lo.”