Kail and Javi are constantly seen breaking up and then getting back together. The couple also went on marriage boot camp to save their relationship. Javi tried his best to get her back. Even after breaking up with Briana Javi tried to set things right with Kail. He was spotted promoting Kail’s book. However, despite these efforts, it seems Kail really has no intention of getting back with Javi. In recent revelations, Kail explains that she is not getting back with Javi at all.

Javi was first introduced in the show when he met Kail!


Javi was first introduced in the Teen Mom show when he met Kail, the couple was totally in love and soon they got married. The couple had a son together named Lincoln, for a while it seemed they were the perfect match!

The couple went through a terrible downfall in their marriage!


Kail had dumped Javi for all the wrong reasons, they got divorced on 5 Dec 2016. Kail had said she didn’t want to have any more kids, which was an awful lie as later she got pregnant with her third baby whose baby daddy was Chris Lopez!

Kail made Javi feel bad and also made him apologise!


Javi tweeted, “At the end of the day a good relationship with my son’s mother will make Lincoln the happiest. I lost sight of that. This trip made me realize that and I’ve apologized to kail for my actions.”

Recently the couple showed signs of making things better, together.


With the recent fights between Javi and Kail, it was pretty obvious that they wouldn’t want to never see each other’s face ever again. But we were wrong, we recently found out that both Javi and Kail are working on their relationship, the couple was seen getting cozy with each other on Twitter. But Kail finally speaks out about getting back with Javi, see what she said on Next Page…

On a recent episode of Coffee Convos, Kailyn paints a timeline…


Kail explained the timeline when she was kinda dating Javi, “I met Chris in 2014 when I started going to college here in Delaware, we were friends for a long time, and when we got into a relationship, we kept it private. He was never on the show, never discussed it on the show, none of that.”

The timeline revealed Kail cheated on Javi for 2 years!


Remember when we said they got divorced on 5 Dec 2016, Kail further explained, “So yes, I can see how it would be a surprise to everyone when I got pregnant. However, to me, I was with him a long time before I got pregnant, so I just wanted to clarify that.”

Now, even after cheating on Javi, Kail thrashes Javi in recent tweets!


It is very difficult to figure out what exactly is going on Kail’s mind, as everytime Javi takes a step ahead to make things better Kail pushes him back and thrashes him. She shared some really shocking Tweets on her Twitter. Find out what she said on Next Page…

Kail wrote on Twitter…


She wrote, “If you have a child w someone idc how bad it gets you don’t let someone go after the other parent.” In another tweet, she wrote, “How can you get back with someone who didn’t have your back when y’all were together?”

Kail is very clear about her decision…


Kail tweeted, “Javi and i are not getting back together so whatever you’re reading is all bullshit.”

Kail further tweeted…


Kail tweeted, And then he has the audacity to go on twitter and IG as if we are working things out. Well, my friends, I’m sorry that’s not true.” She further tweeted, “That all being said, I wouldn’t go back to Javi. That man F**@ed me over time and time again. & I’ve kept all dirty little secrets. Never defended myself when I should have.”