OMG! Here is an another news coming from Teen Mom 2 show. Teen mom star Kail is in labor. To know more read the story.  



As our readers, already know that Kailyn was just a few days away from giving birth to her third child, with her third baby daddy Chris Lopez.  And her fans absolutely cannot wait to meet little Baby Lo.

Baby daddy


It has been confirmed that Kailyn is not dating Chris Lopez and it seems as though they won’t be forming an amicable co-parenting relationship anytime soon. It has also been confirmed that  Chris may not even be on hand for the birth of his child.

Becky Hayter


Kailyn Lowry isn’t on good terms with her baby daddy Chris Lopez but her relationship with her Becky Hayter is better than ever! As we have already told our readers Hayter that will be in the delivery room when the baby is born.

Caught on camera


Kailyn and Becky were caught on camera while sharing the same sex kiss but they denied their romance. Lowry moved in with Becky Hayter when she announced her divorce with Javi Marroquin in May 2016. Recently Becky tweeted about Kailyn’s baby #3 Continue reading on next page to know more about the tweet.

The Tweet

Becky Hayter tweeted, tweeted, “Hoping to go to dinner tonight and @KailLowery goes into labor.” @KailLowery goes into labor.” 

Gender reveal


But the mom of two humored us all a little bit, when she had a friend come over to do a “gender reveal” based on some old wives tales.

The experiment


Kailyn is about to give birth literally any day now. In a Snapchat video we saw her friend held up a ring attached to a chain over the Hustle & Heart author’s belly — according to tradition, it’s a girl if it swings in circles and a boy if it swings back and forth.

“It’s a girl!”


And according to this method, Kailyn will soon be seeing pink!  “It’s a girl!” the pal said. “I used to do high-risk maternal child health. I did it on every patient, it was always right.” It seems like a lot of people are pulling for a girl since Kailyn already has two sons.