Kail and Javi were in a tight spot after their breakup a year ago, both the stars decided to move on with their lives and they did! They started dating other people thinking they would never have to come back together. But, the fact they shared a son together named Lincoln, the ex-couple decided to start a co-parenting relationship to be with their son. In a recent update from the show, it is said that Javi and Kail both have ditched their idea of writing a joint book! Read the article to know more…

The couple had split over a year ago!


Along with many reasons, Kail initially broke up with Javi because she did not want any babies, but later Kail went on and got pregnant by Chris Lopez for her third baby!

The two stars took the effort to maintain co-parenting!


Both Kail and Javi took a lot of efforts to maintain their co-parenting relationship, they even took part in another reality show Marriage Boot Camp, thinking the show might help them to come to a conclusion!

But the fights became worse!


Instead of improving their relationship the fights became even worse when Kail got to know that Javi was dating her co-star Briana DeJesus, who she hated a lot!

Things weren’t falling in the right place for Kail and Javi!


In a recent fight, Kail got furious when Briana posted a picture with Javi and both of them were kissing romantically. Seeing the anger between Kail and Javi, both the stars decided to take a huge step to end their relationship, once and for all! Find out what they did on the Next Page…

Long ago Javi posted on his Snapchat!

Javi posted a snap long ago which made people thought a new show was coming soon for the ex-couple, but it was later realised that Javi and Kail were gonna write a book telling each other’s side of the story. They thought this would help them come to a conclusion for co-parenting. Both the stars had started writing their stories, then suddenly…

They decide to suspend their project! But why?


The book ‘He said, She said’ will never be published! Both Javi and Kail revealed the tell-all book project has been suspended. But why? What must have happened between them to take such a shocking step, find out on the Next Page…

Kail revealed the reason!


Kail said, “It wasn’t going to work out because we recently fell back into a bad place.” This indicates that Kail is really unhappy with Javi, maybe because he is getting too cozy with Briana!

Javi added saying…


Javi said, “I decided I want to cut all ties with Kail and I didn’t want to come out with this book and have to go on tour. That’s behind me.”