Confessions are never really good to her, teen mom show has had it’s fair share of confessions from many moms and dads. Confessions are originally made to come clean of a past deed, but in teen mom show confessions always lead to another fight. Kail has made many confessions in the past when she cheated on Javi, now here is Kail again making another shocking confession that has shocked fans. To know what this shocking confession is read the article…..

Rumors About Cheating On Javi

As we know that Kail was not ready for a third child with Javi. That being the main reason of them separating, so when Kail ended up having a 3rd child with Chris this led Javi to think that he was being cheated.

Kail’s cleared Javi’s doubts!


While speaking to E-news she said  Okay, I’m just going to say it because I already started. There’s like a whole misconception that I cheated on Javi while he was deployed, “It just makes for good TV, drama, and ratings. I’m just biting the bullet every time but it isn’t true.”

It still is un-clear!


Even after many arguments, questions and answers it is still not clear that Kail’s cheating rumors were true or not! But that’s not the end of Kail’s confessions, she has confessed about many things after that.

Kail makes it official that she had a girlfriend….

Kail and her friend Becky were constantly flirting,, then ail finally confirmed on twitter that she has a girlfriend. If you think that’s all she has to confess, you are wrong! Kail recently confessed something really shocking recently, read on next page……

Kail lied she never cheated?


She said, “In reality, we all make mistakes. There is no reason for me to bash him back or try to convince people that I didn’t do what he said I did.”

Kail said it was just a miss-understanding!


Lowry revealed, “It was my best friend first and it was a girl, I’ve known her since I was in high school. I think that was the misunderstanding people don’t necessarily know.” But that’s an old story! Kail has shocked her fans with a mind-blowing confession, read on next page…..

Kail reveals something really shocking!

Kail while having a heated conversation with a follower on twitter revealed a dark secret about her ex husband Javi.

Kail seemed very angry!

Kail was obviously in a very angry mood and she ended the conversation with another Tweet saying, “I’m just saying if I cheated so did he. The bottom line is we were doing the same things.”