Here we have another shocking news where Teen Mom Kail finally opens up about co-parenting with Javi. Read the article to know more….

Kail’s and Javi’s struggle never seems to end!


Kail and Javi’s relationship has been through many twist and turns and even after breaking up they just don’t seem to be comfortable with each other.

They had many chances to patch things up!


Both Kail and Javi had many chances to sort things out between them, but it never worked out for them. Now Kail finally opens up about her views about Javi, read on next page….

They blew up all their chances!


They even enrolled in Marriage Bootcamp, but even there they have failed miserably in their attempts to form an amicable co-parenting relationship.

Both are equally at fault!


We have always seen Kail complain about Javi as a bad guy but even had a shock dark secret where she cheated on Javi, this shows both of them were at fault. But now Kail has something very serious to say about Javi, read on next page….

Both are equally bad at relationships.


Kail revealed that she does not see herself and Javi having a good relationship as parents to their three-year-old son Lincoln. She also compared their complicated situation to the relationship she has with her seven-year-old son Isaac’s father, Jo Rivera.

Kail explains her feelings…


Kail says,”I feel like, how Javi and I’s relationship is now, is how it will always be. It was very roller coaster-y when we were married, so now that we’re divorced, it’s not really a surprise.” Kail opens up about their miserable relationship, read on next page…

Kail previously opened up about her feeling for Javi.


Kail says, “To be honest with you, no I don’t [see us getting there]. Javi has a very different personality from Jo and from everyone I’ve ever been with,”

Now they have suddenly agreed to work on a new book!

According to Kailyn they have many differences between them and still they managed to write a book titled “He Said She Said” so both of them could have the chance to discuss what went wrong with their marriage from their own perspective.