It’s been a long time since Kail gave birth to her third baby Lux Russel, whose father is Chris Lopez. During her third pregnancy Chris had revealed that he doesn’t want to be a part of the show or be a part of Kail’s life. Kail’s ex- Javi was still being supportive to Kail but now even he is busy flirting with co-star Briana! After long dramatic months Kail finally reveals some really dark secrets about baby daddy Chris during her pregnancy! Read the article to know more……..

Lopez abandoned Kail when she got pregnant.


Chris Lopez was the man who got her pregnant and Lopez was reportedly the one to call it quits.

Kail never had much expectations from Chris.


For Kail this pregnancy has been a bit roughe than when she was pregnant with sons Isaac and Lincoln, the Teen Mom 2 star didn’t expect Chris Lopez to come to the hospital when their baby is born.

But Lopez did come to the hospital!


Lopez’s appearance at the hospital comes as a shock, as he hasn’t been involved in Lowry’s pregnancy. He helped Kail check out from the hospital and dropped her to her home with baby Lux.

But there were more secrets to the story that no one knew…..


KAil recently graduated from college and now she reveals some really shocking secrets about her pregnancy. Kail talks about Chris and got really honest about what exactly had happened. Read on next page to know the shocking secret….

Kail explains…..


Kail revealed, “I’m upset because I feel like I’m about to do this by myself. I don’t care about the relationship. He won’t even pick up the phone if he’s with another girl. I’m scared that if I call him when I’m in labor, he won’t show up.”

Chris said something to Kail during an off-camera exchange.


Kail was all upset of Chris not being there for her and their baby Lux, during an off camera conversation between the two stars Chris said, “I know we ain’t that cool or anything, but…” To know what he said, read on next page…..

Kail explains what Chris said to her…..


This is what Chris said to Kail, “I’m not going to be bitter. I’m good with where we are at. [I’m] just thinking about everything.” Chris also mentioned that he didn’t like to see her upset!

A secret that no one knew until now!


No one knew until now that Chris was so upfront about his involvement with Kail and her baby Lux. From what he said about we can hardly say that Chris would even consider co-parenting with Kail for their baby Lux.