Happiness all over the Teen Mom show when Kail gave birth to her 3rd baby Lo! Here are some of his really cute pictures that you will love to see. Read the article to know more.

In Feb 2017 Kail announced her third child.


Kail has been referring to her third baby as “baby Lo” throughout her pregnancy, which sounds like a combination of her last name and her baby daddy Chris Lopez’s last name. And now finally….

The criticism she went through has come to an end!


If you would remember how Kail was criticized because she famously told her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, that she didn’t want to try for another baby after suffering a miscarriage. Now it all has come to an end with Kail’s new addition to her family.

Kail is now Mother of three

Kailyn Lowry is officially a mother of three! The Teen Mom 2 star welcomed her third child and there is a cloud of happiness all over the Teen Mom set. Fans are very happy for Kail and wish her the best.

It’s a Boy

Kail Tweeted, that she is now “mother of Boys”. This confirms that we have a new baby boy.


The baby weighs 7lbs and 15oz. Lowry has yet to reveal the name. Aren’t you all excited to see how cut the baby really is? Continue reading on next page…

The time of baby’s birth


Lowry announced the time of birth of the baby boy to be at 3 am in the morning. The baby weighs 7lbs and 15oz, now that’s a healthy baby. Lowry has yet to reveal the name.

Happy Brothers

Kail posted this pic and you can see the happiness for the brothers. They just can’t stop loving him.

Too Cute To Handle

This pic is just too cute to handle. Lincoln and Issac seems very happy. Kail is still to finalize a name for the new born baby.