Kail Slams Javi & Jo! Says Chris Will Be a Better Dad!

Here we have a shocking update where the Teen Mom Kail slams Javi and Jo and says Chris will be a better dad. Read the article to know more…

Kail is not the brightest mother out there!


Kail is a mother of three now, Isaac Elliot Rivera whose father is Jo Elliot Rivera, her second kid  Lincoln Marshall Marroquin whose father is Javi Marroquin and her third kid ‘baby Lo’ whose father is Chris Lopez.

There are bound to be problems in Kail’s life.


With each baby dad Kail had baby, and then she broke up with both of them. Just as mush Kail has th right to love her kids even the dads have the equal rights to love them. So there are bound to be custody battles.

Kail was also in a fierce custody battle with her first baby daddy, Jo Rivera.


The 25-year-old goes head-to-head with Jo for custody of their son Isaac, 7. KAil said, “Jo and I hated each others’ guts…we were not good friends [and] we barely co-parented, Jo has shared his concerns with me and we are working through them. But he has been supportive overall and just said we will figure it all out. Babies are blessings,”

Javi filed a petition for child support.


To which Kail responded, Kail complained, “Javi basically is asking for child support, I always knew he had it in his back pocket, but I didn’t think he ever would actually file.”

Kailyn has made it incredibly clear that she doesn’t need anyone


Since we know that Chris is unsure about whether or not to be involved in his child’s life, which would mean that Kail has to raise the baby alone.

The legal notice for Kail…


It has been recently confirmed according to the legal notice that Kail has only 30 days to issue her baby a legal name, Baby Lo will probably be dubbed with a moniker in the next few days.

Kail has been very strict when it comes to the dads meeting her kids.


Recently when Jo called and asked if he could see Isaac, Kail said, ”Not tonight, Jo!” No reason was given, but like Javi said, “The queen gets whatever she wants.”

Then Kail revealed a shocking update in favor of Chris Lopez.


Kail said while talking to the producer that she doesn’t think she’ll have any trouble raising a kid with Chris Lopez, she said he wouldn’t ever come after her for child support or anything like that — unlike Jo and Javi.