Kail to Spend Christmas Without Boys!

Just a few months back Kail gave birth to baby Lux, now the mother of three with no baby daddy by her side to help her out and take care of the kids. Kail is frequently been in controversies involving her ex- Javi and co-star Briana dating each other! Kail is all busy taking care of her new baby Lux, finding new house, trip to Disneyland and what not, but now we got a news that Kail will be alone this Xmas. Kail will be spending Christmas without boys and reason will shock you. Read the article to know more.

Kail had disastrous relationships in the past!


Kail never had stable relationships in the past, she has always struggled with finding a suitable partner whom she can marry and spend the rest of her life with.

Always ended up fighting!



Kail’s every relationship has always ended up due to constant fighting and disagreements. Kail has had all kinds of relationships in the past good ones and bad ones and there might be much more to come.

Kail is too busy with many responsibilities!


Kail is a mother of three kids now, she has three baby daddies and now a girlfriend too. As a mother of three and single, she is facing problems with managing all her kids by herself and was looking forward to somebody in her life.

Kail finally gets some time off!


Recently after baby daddy, Lopez, has objected to Lowry not using his last name for little Lux. Kail decided to ignore everything and took her kids a weekend out! See on next page how Kail and kids had so much fun together.