Here we have another story where Kail’s baby daddy #3 is not allowing his child on the Teen Mom 2 show. What must be the reason? Read the article to know more about this news.

Latest update

According to the latest update in this shocking news we are not sure whether or not we’ll get to see Kailyn Lowry’s baby daddy on Teen Mom 2, but things are a bit more set in stone when it comes to their child. Fans will get to see of “Baby Lo” when the MTV series returns this summer, so just wait and watch people!

The 25-year-old is currently pregnant.

We all know that Kail is currently pregnant with her third child, whose dad is Chris Lopez, a guy she met at school and briefly dated last year.

Baby Lo…

A fan asked on Twitter about whether or not we’ll get to meet the kiddo on the upcoming Season 8, it was noticed that  whether or not we’ll get to meet the kiddo is yet to be  decided. Baby Lo, as Kail affectionately refers to her unborn child, might be getting the same treatment.

If you remember what had happened previously on TM2?

What Kailyn did when Lincoln, her son with ex-husband Javi Marroquin, was born in November 2013. While during the actual labor and delivery, we got to see some iPhone footage of labor and meet Kail’s second born at the hospital shortly after his birth.

Paid for filming

If Kailyn and Chris do decide to let the baby be seen on TV, he or she will get paid money, like the franchise’s other kids, which the parents will keep in an account until the child turns 18.

While the drama was on

While the drama was going on her blog, Kailyn’s good friend Becky Hayter answered another fan inquiry about if the baby’s birth will be filmed.

Becky said..

Becky replied to the fans inquiry on whether Kail’s delivery will be filmed? Is Becky going to come see you when you have Baby Lo., she said, “No, it won’t be filmed, and I hope to make it there for the delivery.”

Chris has no interest in being a part of the show.

Our sources tell us that Chris has no interest in being part of the show and won’t sign a contract no matter how much money he’s offered. Which also means that his name can’t be mentioned and his face should not be blurred on the show.