Kaley Cuoco Unveils The Reason Behind Her Failed Marriage

The Big Bang Theory Star always seems to fall into wrong relationships and it seems she even faces this off-screen. The carefree actress had a failed marriage and not everyone knows about it. Cuoco has finally decided to put a light on the topic. In an interview, she revealed the reason why her marriage didn’t work out. Read more to find out.

Kaley Cuoco


It’s nothing new when you hear about the dating rumors of Kaley. She has been linked to several men in and out of the business industry. She has dated fellow Hollywood-ers including  Kevin Zegers, who starred in a movie with Cuoco, and Johnny Galecki, who starred in a TV show with Cuoco.

Cuoco Has Had Failed Relationships On And Off Screen



All relationships have been a rollercoaster ride for the actress. Kaley has made so many wrong decisions in her life when it comes to dating guys, even a failed marriage to add to it.

Her Marriage To Ryan Sweeting


In August 2013, Kaley got engaged to tennis player Ryan Sweeting just after dating him for two months. They even got married the same year but divorced in 2015.

Kaley Revealed The Reason Behind Divorce


After being together for almost 21 months Kaley decided to leave Ryan because of some reasons at that time. She recently revealed the reasons for ending her marriage with Ryan. Click next to read more about it.