Kanye West And Scott Disick Bond After Drug Addiction Confession

Kanye West, the rapper has been facing some serious health issues. Finally, he confessed to his drug addiction problem in front of people. West wanted a hand who can actually understand his situation when it comes to drug addiction, and he got one. Continue reading more to know who stood next to Kanye when he needed the support.

Addiction To Drug After Surgery


Kanye’s revelation is even more shocking as his mother, Donda West died after going under various plastic surgery procedures including Liposuction.

Confession In A Live Interview



The troubled rapper admitted in a live interview to being “Drugged the F**k out” after the surgery to look good. Kanye said he was subscribed to take the pills for recovery but gradually got addicted to them.

West On Opioids


In an interview with a reputed news company, he abruptly mentioned that he was on opioids before turning from the interview to address the entire room.

An Old Friend To The Rescue


It’s a human tendency to look upon someone when you face problems in your life. Kanye West is leaning on an unlikely old friend after confessing his drug addiction problem. Click next to read about the relation of Kanye with Scott Disick even after Kourtney and Disick’s relationship issues.