Kendall Jenner Has Undergone A Surgery And She Looks Totally Different!

Kardashians are actually famous for their beauty line products and the changes they do to their looks every now and then. Kendall is no different, being a supermodel she has to maintain her good looks and think of the changes she can do to her body. After Kylie Jenner, it’s Kendall’s turn for a surgery to make some noticeable changes to looks. Continue reading the article to know more about the changes Kendall has done to her body.

A Makeover?


After watching Kendall for so many years and seeing the changes her sisters are doing with their body, there’s only one question to ask. Did Kendall Jenner get a makeover?

Post By Jen Atkin (Kendall’s Hairstylist)



When Kendall’s hairstylist Jen Atkin shared a picture on Instagram of Kendall during her Adidas¬†shoot in Shanghai on April 2, many fans were left to wonder if she has done some changes with her looks.

Fans Could Make Out The Difference


Fans were really confused after seeing that picture if there was some work done on her face. But after seeing the picture it was clear that there was some kind of change in it.

Fans Comments On The Picture


In the photo, Kendall could be seen with full cheeks and even fuller lips. Fans even wrote on the picture,”This face is very strange.” Everybody could feel a change in the looks of Kendall. Click next to read more about the changes Kendall has done to her face.