Kendall Jenner’s Nasty Comments Might Land Her A Political Debut!!??

Kendall Jenner, who was involved in a controversy lately after she was found dating an Aussie NBA star Ben Simmons even after knowing he was dating Tinashe. It was found that She didn't mind dating the NBA star even after knowing he was in relation with Tinashe. Now, it seems she has gotten her self into a Political mess in reference to Donald Trump. Read more to know the entire story......

Kendall-Ben-Tinashe! Kendall Started dating on a bad note!


Things didn’t go down well with Kendall dating Ben after the brother of Tinashe accused the Aussie NBA star of cheating on his sister. It was learned that Kendall didn’t mind dating Ben while he was dating Tinashe. Double date!!

The things weren’t over! And she has got into another trouble!


After facing backlash by the fans, Kendall seems to have held a wrong nerve after she made some wrong comments on President Donald Trump.


Celebrity Family Feud got political.


The Kardashian edition of Celebrity Family Feud has taken a Political turn, probably a wrong turn! The Sunday night’s episode (which was taped in February), the Kardashians/Jenner faced and competed with Wests in order to gather funds for Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

Kendall in Jest cracked a lewd Joke on Donald Trump!


When Host Steve Harvey questioned: “If you had a wild party and everybody’s naked, who is someone you would hate to see show up?” the answer took everyone by a shock as the Kendall answered “Donald Trump,” and everyone including Wests erupted into a laughter.

It might not go down well with Kanye!!?


Things might not go down well with him, as the rapper has had a lot of support for Donald Trump. His tweets in support of Donald Trump explains the influence of Trump on him. But with the sort of fun made on Trump by Kendall can certainly have a Family Feud. So far, he hasn’t responded to the Jest but, he might be a little unhappy with the Lewd comments.

West too erupted in laughter!


As the reports suggests, when Kendall answered question humorously, all including Wests erupted into a laughter. The fans are pretty unhappy with comments made and are thrashing kendall on the Twitter mercilessly!!

Kim seems to be quite happy with Donald Trump!


The show didn’t create much of controversy yet! Touchwood! She was extremely happy with her husband and  tweeted “Kanye has a permanent smile on his face during this whole Family Feud episode.”