Kendell Jenner Furious Over Kim’s Overwhelming Modelling Career

It was just noted earlier when Kim K admitted a few dark sides about her sisters and it revealed some really interesting facts about our favorite celebs. But it seems that sister Kendell Jenner is not at all appreciable about her siblings. And recent speculations prove that she is jealous about Kim’s successful modeling regime. Read the article to know more.

Kim On Family


We have seen so much of Kardashians in their show Keeping up with the Kardashians and we know them in and out but actually knowing the family members is something different. Kim spoke about Kendall and what habit she wanted her to get rid off.

Kim About Kendall



When Kim was asked about Kendall Kim replied and said she would like to take away her ‘Anxiety’. Kim is really particular about this and she said this for her own good.

Kendall Can’t Keep Up With Kim


As we can see, It seems like supermodel Kendall Jenner is not able to keep up with older sister Kim Kardashian’s growing modeling career.

Kendall’s Reaction To Kim’s Vogue Cover


Just after Kim Kardashian flaunted her cover for Vogue magazine earlier this week. Jenner was totally furious about it and was not afraid to voice her opinion. Click next.